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As most of my mission with this blog is to inspire my readers to travel, I wanted to create a page where I can continuously post inspirational travel quotes and images that I come across.  I hope to update it frequently, and I hope to inspire YOU to hit the open road and set off on a journey. It doesn’t need to be around the world. Anywhere will do. But make sure you attack your destination with an open heart and mind, with reckless abandon. See all you can see, experience all that you can experience. Don’t let anything pass you by, because, THIS IS IT, you only get one chance at this life living business.

I love this Quote by Hugh Laurie. Although, it isn’t specifically travel related, it is a potent message telling us to do what we dream of now!  Almost a year ago I made drastic changes in my life to be able to get back to doing what I love to do: Travel.

I was a co-owner of a small art gallery that had been running for 4 years. It wasn’t 4 easy years, and I never had enough money to go anywhere or do anything. Not too mention, I was a slave to the place. It was very difficult to leave town, let alone go to far off destinations. I knew that if I wanted to travel and live the life that I wanted to live, I needed to let go of this dream, to seek out the other, more important one.

And so, I went back to house painting with the sole intention of making money, so I could afford to do what I love. Well, it worked!  I freed my life up to be able to do the things I wanted to do, because I realized that life is ticking along way to fast, and I was tired of missing out on it!

Time is short!  Let’s get busy!

This one says it all!  It’s so easy to sit on your couch, in your little corner of the world where it is safe and cozy. It takes courage to get out there and see new things. But let me tell you, the rewards are immeasurable. The things you learn about people will provide you with compassion, understanding and trust in your fellow men.

Upon embarking on this trip, so shortly after the Paris attacks, we were interested to see how the whole Syria business was playing out over here. Surely it will be all that people are talking about, being so close to the heart of it all, I thought. However, life goes on for these people, just as it does for us. Syria might as well be on the other side of the planet for the majority of the population living over here. They are no more involved or invested in it than we are. Sure there are specific places where refugees are arriving to, but most are completely removed from it. And they surely aren’t scared of it!

We in Canada are more frightened of a terrorist attack than anyone we have spoken with here. They have been living through centuries of bombings, wars and terror. We literally have NO IDEA what these people have been through. But again, life goes on. Everyone attends to their day to day business. They go to school, they work their jobs, they just get on with it.

Experiencing other parts of the world, and meeting different cultures, truly makes you realize that we are LITERALLY all just in this together. We all need air to breathe, we all need clean water to drink, we all need warmth and shelter. We all need the planet Earth!  There are no differences between us, and travelling surely brings that all into a pinpoint focus.

This is pretty self explanatory. Get out there, visit the next town, go into a shop you’ve never been in, engage with a stranger, fly to a different continent. Do whatever you need to do to expand your horizons, open your mind, and become a better person.

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Written from Paros Island, Greece. December 16th, 2015.


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