Basically born a traveler, I have an insatiable appetite to see new places, explore new frontiers, and to just keep moving through life at a brisk pace.  I want to do all that I can in this lifetime, explore any nook and cranny that I can find, and just make darn sure that I have tried as hard as I can to have fun and live life to the fullest!

I was born in Banff, AB, Canada in 1976.  I was flying to England at 10 months, and I didn’t stop after that.  My parents drug me to every place they could.  My Dad’s career was, and still is, a Motivational Speaker.  This meant that he got speaking engagements, in many cities, all over the world.  Lucky for me, he saw this as an opportunity to take his family traveling as much as he could.  We visited places such as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Bermuda, Singapore, US/British Virgin Islands, Venezuela, Mexico and Hawaii, to name a few.

At the age of 16, I trekked to the Base Camp of Mount Everest with my parents.  It was the 10 year anniversary of the First Canadian Mount Everest Expedition, of which my Dad was climber/business manager of the expedition.  3 years later, at the age of 19, me and 6 of my friends, went back to Nepal, and trekked to Everest Base Camp again.

In between those trips, I attended “Class Afloat”.  While with Class Afloat, I sailed around the world as part of a 65 person crew, on a 188 foot tall ship named Concordia.  I was 17/18 during this trip, and I finished my high school diploma while on board.  As crew members, we were each responsible for certain aspects of ship maintenance, night watch, day watch and galley duty.    It was an incredible experience that words can’t simply explain.  Everyday of my life is different because of that experience, and I am still learning and figuring out just how it impacted my development as a human being.  We visited 35 countries on 5 different continents.

I attended 2 years of college in Prince Edward Island, and worked for 2 more years in Nova Scotia, both on the mainland, and on Cape Breton Island in Baddeck.

For the Millennium, at the age of 23, I traveled with a girlfriend to Tonga, the Cook Islands, Fiji and New Zealand.  We spent 10 weeks hopping around the South Pacific, exploring all that we could in the seemingly short time that we had.

At the age of 25, my then boyfriend and I, purchased a kayak in Southern Florida, kayaked the Everglades for a month, and then shipped it over to the Bahamas, and paddled around the Bahamas for 3 more months before selling it in Georgetown, Exumas.  We then hitchhiked on sailboats back to the mainland USA.  There we made our way up to West Virginia, helped a friend work on their house, then made our way up the East Coast and drove across Canada and back to Alberta.  Upon our return to Alberta, we got married (having gotten engaged in the Bahamas), and took off for the West Coast of Canada, settling in Gibsons, British Columbia.  We moved around the lower sunshine coast and finally settled in Sechelt, where we bought property and built a house.

In 2004 we spent 4 months living in Nicaragua, and exploring Costa Rica.  While there, we rented a 500 square foot house for $200/month, and lived smack dab in the middle of a Nicaraguan neighborhood, in the then, quiet and quaint San Juan del Sur.  We quickly learned as much Spanish as we could, as we didn’t really have an option.  It was a great cultural experience!

In 2006 we moved to Powell River, another ferry ride north of the Sechelt area, on the Upper Sunshine Coast.

In 2008 we traveled to Bali, Vietnam, China, and Hong Kong.  We spent 10 weeks total moving around the three countries.  It definitely wasn’t long enough, and I long to go back to each place to explore further.

My husband and I divorced in 2012, and I now have a wonderful new partner in crime. Together we went to Mexico for a short trip in spring of 2015, then traveled to Bulgaria, Greece and Italy at the end of 2015/beginning of 2016.

After having not traveled since 2008, I realized on our Europe trip  just how important it is to me, and how much it has shaped me and my passions for life.  Without going places, I get stagnant, depressed, bored and miserable.  I live in a ferry dependent community, and if I don’t get out once in a while I go stir crazy!  While I have done a fair amount of exploring in and around the west coast, I always long for more.  I have a need to explore, see new places, meet people, learn about cultures and delve into others history.

And so, my partner and I have recently decided that it is time to make traveling THE number one priority, and we have decided to sell all of our possessions, and head out on the open road.  We want to see all that we can, and explore every nook of this planet.  And while that probably isn’t possible to do in one lifetime, we have decided that we do, indeed, have only one lifetime, and we are going to darn well try our hardest to see and do it all!

We hope you join us in our letting go process and follow us along on our journey, for it is just getting started!

For a comprehensive list of where I have traveled, please click here, or go to the “countries” tab on my home page.


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. What a great opportunity that you have had to date Jill. I finally have taken the time to read your blog. I had no idea how travelled you were. How do you do it. I was thinking, then it came to me, it has become a priority for you
    . Way to go. Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog.


    1. Thanks Geri. Yes, you will have read that for some reason or another I was embarrassed or ashamed of the travelling I have done. That is all over now thankfully. Glad you are following along. I’m having lots of fun writing about our adventures:)


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