January 11, 2017

***Jill’s ‘letting go’ Diary***

This is part of a series of posts (ordered by Dated Titles) where I am recording my thoughts and emotions as we tackle getting rid of all of our possessions.  From the day that I came up with this idea, to sell everything and travel the world, I have recorded my thoughts on certain days where I felt like writing.  These are real time, and not edited (except for grammatical corrections.) 

Something has been nagging at me for about 6 months now.  My life has started to look very unlike what I had hoped and dreamed for it to be.  I’m making good money, but I’m spending it faster than I am making it, worse, I’m spending more than I am making.  I have started to feel like I’m on the treadmill, always working super hard, but never getting anywhere.  Bills keep piling up, and payments get less and less, later and later.

My partner and I have been developing our property.  The back yard looks like a park land, while the inside keeps getting torn apart, but never quite put back together.  We have grand plans of what we want the house to look like, but will we ever get there? In 4 years we have accumulated a house full of stuff.  Some stuff that has meaning, but mostly the stuff is just that…..STUFF.

In recent months, I have been trying to thin out the unimportant stuff, but the sense of overwhelm stops me in my tracks every time, and more stuff keeps arriving.  We have built a shed, shelves, cupboards and closets to contain the stuff, but the clutter is everywhere you look and closets and cupboards are getting full!

The only thing that I really, really, really  long to do is to travel.  I spent my young life travelling.  Back before responsibilities, property ownership and STUFF.  Life was freer back then.  Can’t it be that way again?  Last year we went on a 6 week journey through Europe (after I realized that I hadn’t really been anywhere significant in 8 long years), with the hope to do it every year.  However, here we sit, drowning in debt, with no hope of going anywhere unless some miracle cash windfall happens to fall on us.

This pattern is familiar to me.  My ex-husband and I did a similar thing.  We accumulated stuff.  We lost sight of what was important.  We stopped travelling.  We fought, we argued, we divorced.  I don’t want the entire story to repeat itself.  It’s time to get on top of this.  It’s time to get rid of the stuff.  It’s time to TRAVEL!

And so, after watching a minimalist documentary, I have come up with a grand plan.  It took about ½ an hour to convince my partner that this was a good idea.  But he agreed, and now we can’t stop thinking about it.  Our plan is to sell everything.  Cut our ties, and head off into the unknown.  We both have skills that will carry us anywhere in the world.  Chris is a tattoo artist, landscaper and excellent cook.  I am a house painter, artist, writer & cook.  Our combined life experience rounds out to include excellent skills that will work for cash jobs around the world.

This is it!  This is the big idea that has been brewing in my mind for the last while!  I have felt it slowly creeping to the surface, getting closer and closer to the light of day.  Every cell in my body could sense the arrival of some thing BIG.  Something life changing, something exciting, adventurous and really worth living for!

The plan is loose right now.  But already we have started to discuss what to sell.  We aren’t in any kind of panic to do this.  It may take a year, it may take a year and a half.  But the seed has been planted, and there is no going back.  Logistics will be worked out over time, and it will manifest itself.  Our intention is laid, and it is time.


Author: jillamatt

Basically born a traveler, I long to see every corner of the world. In 2017, my partner and I sold all of our posessions, to pursue a life of travel, wanderlust and a yearning for more; More knowledge, more experiences and more joy. Join us in our explorations of this beautiful planet, we promise to not disappoint! The world is a giant book, and I intend to read every chapter that I can. I promise to whisk you away with me, as you yourself travel the world, without ever leaving your house.

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